Great love

Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you love your work place?

Do love and move big.

                            How do God love to nature?

                             God made world beautiful.
                            God role is equality.
                             God loves to all.

                              Never create difference.
                              Kept all things systamatically.
                             Clean all living and non living things auto-cycle and maintain the show in smarter way.
                             God self organize the structure in balance way.
                             God had maintain discipline self.      , than order to obey, example Sun raise up early morning daily.
                            God believe in work round the clock, never sleep.
 We have to learn a lesson from our God father.

We have to decorate our work place to look beautiful.
 How do to make out standing?
 Make it just like heaven so that others praise it and feel cool, ease and faster drive.
  It should be consistent drive, ignorance is not acceptable.
 Clean on daily basis shine like sun, so that others like it.
 Change after one week to decorate with some new thing, change is law of nature.