Great love

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Every one says, I am in love, but no one bother about it. One has to do love its God gift forever.

What is stands and by stands love?

Is your love real and true?
How do you check it out?
One has to analyze it in perfect way, by using questions, why,why,why,why,why,why to love others.

You have greatest love with him/her or living/non living things to cross check in advance, before to go into depth of love well.

What is stands?

Love stands forever, which is true and real. Love stands is permanent asset to all.

What is by stands?

By stands love is the desire of some one, use to throw, and its temporary, and it can break at any moment. Its just a feelings nothing else.

Don't believe in by stands love.

Young age is very funny age and people always do the mistake to accept the by stands love to enjoy.

We have to advise our young age people, better to move with real to get more enjoyment and feel more safer, ease, cool,forever.

Monday, June 14, 2010



Primary is stage of love journey to start, every one has to start this move in excellence way to win the heart of others forever.

Primary impression is the last impression.

You have to win others heart by this old song, first impression is the last one.

Where do you use it?

Start from home, street, city, town, state and grow world wide.

How do you get it?

We have to give gifts to one another, and start your love journey with invitation free.

You have to invite friends and others whom you love most at break fast, lunch, and dinner, or evening refreshment and enjoy for moment.

You have to listen them carefully and be a good observer and find out the possibility.

Possible is the tool and sign of success.

You have to put your love assignment to them in very active, and docent way and melt the heart of your friends.
When you get melt the heart of others, here starts your primary love stage.

You go ahead and it again again and convert your dreams into reality.

Is it so simple?

Yes, use to say own self, use to win forever.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You and I


Every one you do this and get earning, but no one knows the real earning is your friendship of you and I.

What to do?

I send a love invitation to you.
You accept it and welcome I.
I again send a message to you.
You says love it forever.

Try, till i, have to understand you and you has to understand I.

Merger of two things.

As salt mix in water, and you see after some time, salt mix in water and become one.

You and I have to merge one another to become one.

Love is one, one is love, one is God and whole the world merge in him.

Love is great when you and I become one.

It is a great success for ever increase the numbers one by one and develop a unique team and enjoy forever.