Great love

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is love comments?

Hi every one

Every one knows love is inner world.

Inner world thoughts reflect to outer world.

Real comments are your inner world.

Your real love is whom you comments, whether, it positive or negative, but love always comments positive.

Love always belief in positive ways.

Love reflect your inner comments to outer world.

Both side love accept it forever.

We always invite comments and comment is real love to grow.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why do love ?

Love is big. love has kindness. Love has gratitude. Love is forever never die.Love is chemical reaction, and more attractive and bound others to your link.
Are you sure in love ?

Now, your mind position in center, which is most important to get full concentration ever.

What is blue ?

Seem color of sky is blue and people love to blue things more and watching blue movies and blue videos.

Reflection of blue color is 75% and sky has 100%, every one knows 75% water on the planet.

We loves water to own need and love to it.

Blue love is real and for ever take drink fresh and clean water more to look smater and young ever.

Friday, May 14, 2010


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi every one

Seem a beautiful planet as a play platform to play world wide.

We all are the players on this planet, come here to watch and observe own play.

Who is great player ?

Who-so-ever makes big score to win the match.

We have to understand the role of our journey as a big player.

We have to play little and earn more to relax.

We have to find out the way to resolve the day to day issues own self as a good player.

Be self starter, be winner, be positive, be alert, be a leader of own team.

At the last love says, play safe, cool, fast, and ease way to win the score forever.
More score, more love, more love, more earning.





Saturday, May 8, 2010



Love to man/woman is earthward manifestation of God. We have to implant love, to make it one family all over the world.

Are you trust it ?

We have to follow the path of true God man , who-so-ever is following the path of truth and God dwell on his voice.
What do to learn ?

We have to
learn and adopt positive thougts for on use and for others.
We have to be alert and active to work as one team.We have to understand, use to implementand improve mistake and grow all together.
We have to think before speak.
We have to improve own self , so that others accept our attitude.

What is the major pain on this planet ?

We are taking birth again and again on the planet, but more important is how to avoid it.
The pain of birth and death is so much,in constant skepticiam and duality.
What is our live without remembering God.
Seem, cleverness is detestable and crused. One does not serve the holy true Guru, is not pleased by devotion of God.
Your birth and death is ended only when,one who finds the true Guru, who had written your destiney.

What is ego ?

Ego develops in mind screen due to your I and proud of your body itself.
For a moment, the show is seen, but it disappear in no time at all.
The play of chance is played on the board of egotism,all with the pieces of false and ego. The world loses, only he/she wins,love and remember perfect Guru"s.

Who will get the gate of salvation ?

The gate of salvation is found by his humble servents.
The pain of birth and death is removeed, by remembering and meditating the Lord.
One who does not forget the rememberance, is saved by perfect true Guru.
You have to improve your self and became love to servant of servants.
You have to surrender your self, body, money to Godman and trust on him.
You feel that now you are the friend of God and whole the world is your friend.